Weirdness in Lollypop


I just noticed something odd with Lollypop ( a GTK audioplayer ),

If I go to Preferences > Web > Search (Artwork, songs …); Jamendo is always enabled,
I disabled it, and closed the prefs window.

Well, if I open the prefs again, and look, it is enabled again, and again, and again.

I tried the Flatpak, same deal. I got a screenshot,

I am not a techie user, but I feel like it is weird, if it was an open source website / service I would not be so spooked out, but Jamendo is NOT open source, afaik,

I am not gonna use it for now, while I try to figure it out, but I felt like I had to point it out.


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Here’s how far I got…

Steps to replicate issue in Ubuntu 21.04:

  1. sudo add-apt-repository ppa:gnumdk/lollypop
  2. sudo apt update
  3. sudo apt install lollypop
  4. Start lollypop
  5. Click hamburger menu
  6. Click Preferences
  7. Click Web tab
  8. Turn all search options off
  9. Close the Preferences window
  10. Repeat from step 6, Jamendo is reactivated/still active.

The only configs I found were in this directory and they don’t seem to hold the search list.


Can’t find anything on DuckDuck.

AFAIK Jamendo is still exclusively serving Creative Commons licensed audio. The website is a mess compared to what it used to be but I don’t believe that has changed.

That being said, a toggle should toggle.



So I would think of it as a bug and probably report it though I do not use the program. Jamendo is fine but I also do not want some random feature being enabled on my apps.

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I read since 2015 (at least on the English Wikipedia article). That is interesting though.