Website recommendations to sell laptop

I’m looking to sell my System76 Lemur 6 laptop. What is the best website to list it? I’ve never sold anything online before. Thanks

Global: Ebay

Ebay’s pretty universal, depending on where you live you may want to consider International shipping. I’d be careful shipping outside U.S./Canada/UK/Europe if you live in those regions because i’ve had shipping take so long the buyer could have claimed no receipt and gotten a refund + my item.

If you want to sell it on Ebay auction, check your messages first. Sometimes Ebay offers a week of no fees that’s opt-in so you can sell your items without Ebay getting a cut. If you just missed an Ebay offer you may be able to tell when the next one will be from previous offers.

US: Craigslist
UK: GumTree

Countries often have a popular local listing or classifieds Website for people to show things for sale, usually at no charge. It’s up to the seller/buyer to organize the sale arrangements though it tends to always be someone driving to you to pick up the item for cash.