Was it a mistake to upgrade to replaced UEFI firmware?

I have a new HP Z2 TWR G9 with a i7-12700k. It came running Ubuntu 20.04.5 so after updating software I updated to 22.04.1. In the process it asked me if I wanted to replace UEFI firmware and something else I think was grub related. I opted to replace both.

Have I mad a mistake? I have turned off the machine and had no problem booting it back up.

22.04 is a long term support release (LTS) as such it tends to be conservative in its implementation of drivers and patches. Ubuntu, especially LTS Ubuntu, is pretty good about not breaking stuff.

The pragmatic approach is that if it doesn’t appear to be broken, it must be working. You should be okay.

Pro tip: When you get asked during installs for “upgrades” with prompts that you might not be sure about, grab a shot of the prompt on your screen with your phone just in case you need to undo it. Getting help will be easier.


@MarkofCain Thanks for the help on both of my issues.

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