Want To Be A Content Creator On The Network? Now Is You Opportunity! Accepting Applications

We’re expanding our network again! This time we’re on the hunt for the next great show to expand our network into a new genre’.

We have so many movie, television, comic fans that listen to our network each week. Often during Patron shows and community hangouts we end up talking about Star Trek, Star Wars, Marvel, comic-books and everything geek and geek culture. If you have dreamed of starting a podcast, now is your opportunity to get your podcast out to the world with the backing of our network. Send us one complete episode of your show using the guidelines below.


  • The show should be between 30-60 minutes long. It should be fully edited and represent an actual full episode.

  • The podcast can consist of one host or multiple hosts.

  • You can do video and audio or just audio.

  • The podcast should focus on geek culture (movies, comics, television, etc.). Within that genre you can choose any topic you want for your demo episode.

  • Submit with your episode to: Contact Us - TuxDigital

    • Upload video/audio or both to wormhole and include link in 'Message" section of contact form
    • Tell us a little about yourself and about the vision you have for the show.
    • Before you submit, please make sure that you can commit to the time needed each week to edit, produce, and publish a podcast or video podcast. It takes a lot of dedication and passion.
  • Because of the potential amount of submissions we may not get back with you in a timely manner. Please allow 2-3 weeks for response.

  • You do not need a ‘name’ for the podcast.

  • Looking for lively, entertaining personalities. Most importantly, passion for the subject.


What areas would you need co-hosting help on? Is it subject matter, behind the scenes work, or actual air-time personality?

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Thanks for that clarification! I haven’t been into manga since mid-90s. Though of course still consider it a wonderful avenue of serious art. But I don’t think I would fulfill what you are looking for.

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Suggestion, why not present this as an experimental podcast series called “Pilots”.

Then anyone with a new, completed show episode can air on Pilots. More of an informal podcast series for trying out new show ideas, with or without video.



Damn that is cool, would be quite a rodeo.

I submitted a form. Would be interested in reviving the Linux lemming and be the first ever git based community powered podcast! If not that, I’d be a party member on a DND show :smile:

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