VPN - There can be problems

I just watched this video

NordVPN was hacked… here is what we are doing about it

As he said in the video, it’s not so much they were compromised but there seems to have been a lack of openness about it. Having a VPN could lead to a false sense of security.

That said, I’m happy enough with PIA.

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I used NordVPN a few years ago but wasn’t happy with their service so I moved to another no-log vpn service located in a nation that respects privacy. But vpns can give you a false sense of security because your ip can still be leaked through webRTC unless you correct the browser settings in FireFox or use a Chromium based browser.


A lot of problems occur because people use VPNs from their machine for convenience instead of the router. Get an OpenWRT or Ubiquiti router, add the credentials, do a leak test and call it a day.

I’m currently using NordVPN, but their lack of proper Linux app is irritating, even if the CLI “app” they provide is usable. If I could find a provider that:

Maintains a decent throughput speed*
Has a decent Linux & Android app
Doesn’t log

Then I think I’d jump ship.

*I’ve noticed an appreciable downloads slowdown over the past month or so when connected to Nord, even through servers in the UK where I am, where my maximum download speed (9.1mbs per sec) is cut to about 4mbs per sec or less at times, which when downloading large games from Steam is very irritating.

It’s usually only when I notice the slow speeds that I remember I’m connected to the VPN, as I have it set to autoconnect on startup to a random UK server.

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I’m using AirVPN and they have a client called “Eddie”. It works fine for my usage. It blocks everything when disconnecting and makes port forwarding work. I use them mainly for port forwarding as I started using it before PIA got it (at least I think they have it now). The speeds are 100+mbps on the servers I use it on which is usually NL, Sweden etc. I think you can have 3 devices on at the same time and you can ofc also do OpenVPN and what not.

Have a look at Private Internet Access (PIA) and what they offer. Certainly no logging, lots of breakout spots, reasonable prices. I think they guested on Destination Linux 66.

And while their installer doesn’t run on MX Linux without systemd, there is a way to install it from the MX Package Installer (work fine on other Debian, Arch and RPM distros I’ve tried).

My problem with NordVPN is that it would often simply not connect no matter which server I was attempting. And like you said the Linux desktop experience was not good. Eventually ended up with ExpressVPN and have it installed on the router. I can’t remember it ever going down in the past couple of years.

When I recommend a vpn it’s generally PIA, ExpressVPN, or ProtonVPN.