VMvare Workstation Tools + Arch + KDE

Hey guys, my first post here, so glad something like this happen!
I’m gonna try fully support you whenever and on any way I can.

Now, as I’m a noob when it comes to Linux - “officially” switched to LInux ~ 2 months ago and did a lot of distro-hopping since then (some on barebone on my second computer, but most have done in VMvare), I have a bag full of newbie questions.
As indeed, for most of them I succeed to find working solutions “out of the box”, Arch and KDE was a struggle!

Thing is that almost every time I had troubles installing VMvare Workstation Tools tools on clean Arch based installation with Plasma KDE desktops.
Either I followed official steps from the VMvare application or applying some of “open-vmvare-tools” solutions, on some “distributions” I can’t properly install them.
For example:

  1. Zen Installer : simply can’t put them to work with any solution offered…
  2. ArcoLinuxD : -II-

Long story short - I found this:

And it works flawless!

In case you stuck with the same problem = ^ !!!

Hope this will help someone in the future. :wink:

Kind regards,