VIMusic steaming on F droid

I heard about this app on another Linux podcast, I downloaded off of F droid (there is a fake one on the playstore) and its my favorite music streaming app ever. Intuitive UI and back doors onto YouTube Music so any song you need is on there. Oh and NO ADDS!


Good recommendation, thanks.
Finds all the weird stuff I listen to and seems to be using around 8mb per song so not even super data intensive.

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Been using it to replace Spotify for the past week and its been really nice

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Backdoor to Youtube music, and no ads?

I wonder how long that will last.

Just enjoy today my friend

That’s so cool

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I don’t like the idea to use a video file to play audio, unless it’s a live performance where you get to see the band.

Is there similar software that can pull from spotify, or the 30-minute ad-free trial on pandora etc? Otherwise Pandora’s audio quality is HORRENDOUS!!

Why do I say Pandora has poor audio? I was listening to a song (I would provide the artist but it’s too personal of a detail) with a singer with a slightly raspy voice, and in this song, their vocals were just not quite as pronounced and clear.

It was 100% to the point that I could not make out at least 25% of the lyrics. Espeically in certain areas.

I played the same song on Spotify and WOW it is so much clearer and easier to hear the words. Because of this Pandora is trash, and they are degrading music quality. I thought about it more, and if I paid for the 9.99 / month it would be 192 Kbps, which is a bit more than spotify. But then I thought about it a little and conclude thst no, that’s bullshit. If the advertisments also contribute as a form of payment then I should still receive access to an acceptable, reasonably quality format, of at least 128 Kbps, of non-mp3 format.

Edit: on Linux, rmonophony can do this via commans-line, heard it on dl podcast.