Video Setup

Hey y’all!

I got some funds set aside for hardware upgrades to my home office/“studio”. Work and my content creation plans are leading to much heavier need for video content. So, I have been trying to decide what I should get.

I few ideas are:

  • retractable green screen
  • black out curtains / LED lighting
  • wide-angle web cam

As you can tell, the shot from my desk is into our bedroom, not very professional looking. I would love some ideas and feedback!


Do your needs for work require you to depersonalize your background? If so a nice webcam and a green screen is probably a good idea. I don’t think the DLN community would be nay for your typical home as a background.

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Second that! @rwaltr got it spot on.
If anything, maybe, maybe the blackout curtains and /or LED lighting might be something. But it seems fine to me like it is.

In my mind, the difference is that’s our bedroom. It’s supposed to be private. It’d be different if the backdrop were say the living room.

“online security is very important!” Says me… While you stare at where I sleep.

Get a screen first, it will change the acoustics and lighting anyway.

You’ll also be more comfortable/confident and that comes across in recording.

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Sounds like you know exactly what your first purchase will be, a Green screen! :slight_smile:

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