Venting, a little

I have been really enjoying Solus Plasma on my new laptop for several months now, but man Solus does not like virtualbox. Or, at least it does not like to run in virtualbox.

I’ve run into issue after issue after issue, that I no longer desire to troubleshoot it any further.

This is not a request for help or a request for any tips, it’s just me venting. Outside of virtualbox, I really have had a very good experience with Solus.


Not a huge fan ofVirtualbox. It does the job, is cross platform. and works well. but its the “Just get the job done” type of hypervisor. it doesn’t do stuff very well compared to QEMU or even VMware.

I’m betting Solas doesn’t have the Virtualbox guest tools installed. but I bet it has QEMU’s or even vmwares available.

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Give virt-manager a go, it’ll give you QEMU/KVM with a VirtualBox-like GUI experience.

You can also convert your vdi images to QEMU should you like it (though I don’t have personal experience with conversion):

Migrate a VirtualBox Disk Image (.vdi) to a QEMU Image (.img) | Linux System Administration | Ubuntu, Redhat & Cybersecurity

Godspeed either way and I understand the frustration.


Solus has two different versions in their repos, one for the LTS kernel and one for the rolling release, which is what I have. The virtualbox-guest tools is the same way, two versions. I have confirmed that I installed the correct versions of both.

That’s probably be what I end up doing if I need a Solus specific VM. I run KVM with virt-manager on a CentOS 7 server in my homelab.

I have Gparted. In 23 vears of Linux I may have done “virtual” once or twice.