USB-C Dock Display Port Issue with new Thinkpad T14s


I just bought a brand new Thinkpad T14s for about 1700 Euro. It has no Ethernet or Displayport, just USB-C.
So I thought I buy a dock. I bought this one:

Its connected via USB-C, has full Linux support and also my Thinkpad T14s is listed as “works great” with it.

Now the issue:
I run Pop_OS! 20.04.
Yesterday I connected the dock, it worked great. Displayport-Monitor, and all…

I shutdown my Laptop , tried it again and I never got a connection after that. I unplugged everything, tried it 5 times, then Displayport worked again.
This morning… I just cannot get it to work. I checked different Monitors, Cables, all of the 3 graphics connections on the dock.

I am very depressed because even an explicit linux device does not work well. Also… I dont know if the problem is the 80 Euro dock, or the 1700 Euro Notebook. And I dont have very much time to re-send the devices.

Apart from that… the laptop works great. I think its this docking issue.

I know real connections are better… but hey… its also a nice idea to have plugged everything via one little usb-c.

BTW: what usb-c dock do YOU have that work?

I would be very happy if someone could give me advice.

Kind regards


PS: After I wrote this - I had the dock disconnected for 15 minutes - I plugged it in and now displayport works again. You know, I wonder if its a hardware issue… or a lenovo issue… or a linux issue… or a popos issue :sob:

And how does it perform now? Does it work any time you connect it? Or do you still have to wait for 15min?
I’d say it’s the hardware. I’d send it back, pay a few extra euros and get another one.
This reminds me of a display to hdmi adapter i once bought. I thought i struck a deal with the price, but i ended up buying a more expensive one. Never had any problems since.

Actually, I am going to send it back. Its a pitty, because this company (i-tec) has, according to their product information, full linux support.

And it DID work… sometimes… I discovered: when I just shut down the laptop it still works. But when I shut also the power of (power strip) it does not work anymore when I re-turn it on…

I once hat another product from i-tec (with display link technology)… that also… “kind of” worked with linux… but it did not…

I now ordered a totally different product (going to test them all out now LOL):

Lets see how this one beats …

Ah, Targus, yes. We have serveral of those dockingcradles in the office. They work fine (on windoze), but should work on Linux too.

Just an afterthought but since you’re going to try them all, why not make a list of the ones that work and don’t. :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: maybe this comes in handy?


just wanted to actualize my informations:
The Targus device seems to work much better. I attach two pictures of my actual device. I can even do everything via one usb-c: (mini)Displayport, HDMI, Mouse and Keyboard, Flashdrive AND even charging the laptop!).

I discovered: 1 out of 10 times the display is not recognized. So far… then I have to unplug it and plug it again. I am going to tell you further about it. But for now: the device works pretty well.

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Good to hear it’s working! Keep us updated on your progress. :grinning: