Updateing ubuntu studio

I have only been using Linux for about a year and I’m using Ubuntu studio Impish Indri. When I update it to Jammy Jellyfish (once it is fully realased) will I lose my files and apps I’ve installed ? I back up my files so it’s not a huge deal just curious.

Everything in your home directory will remain untouched which is where all your files should be so you won’t lose them.

Generally speaking all the apps should remain but there’s a possibility some may break or be removed if they’re no longer supported and can’t work with the new libraries. If any do break it’s often because they’re using an old configuration file in your home directory (usually in $HOME/.config/NameOfApp) which you can delete or put somewhere else to see if it fixes the issue.

These upgrades tend to go off without a hitch but that may help if it doesn’t.

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Thanks you !

I, too, run US. Here’s a practice I started a few years ago and it might prove helpful to you. Whenever I run across a program that is a keeper, I put the install command in a shell script that I have entitled ‘install_apps.sh’. That way when I nuke and pave (which I typically do with every new LTS), I just run this script and it automatically installs my essentials.

Here is an example script (albeit my current install script is a bit more complex):

  sudo apt-get install -y lm-sensors
  sudo sensors-detect
  sudo apt-get install -y curl
  sudo apt-get install -y thunderbird
  sudo apt-get install -y youtube-dl
  sudo apt-get install -y qmmp

Thanks seems like something I should do.