Update on the OpenSuspect development

Hi, Destination Linux community!

I was very pleased that last time I posted here about our game we are developing we got so much positive engagement from you all!
It’s a new year, but the development of the open source / free software social deduction game doesn’t stop, on the contrary, we’re kicking it up to a higher gear!

Join us for our 2021 General Meeting!

Next weekend, 11:30 am UTC, Sunday the 17th OpenSuspect will be having a general meeting discussing the project, our goals, and our progress.

Meeting will be held in Mumble, at mumble.opensuspect.com, with the password: mumbleissus.

All are welcome to join in the meeting, whether or not you are planning to become a contributor! If you have any questions, comments, suggestions to our project you’d like us to discuss in more detail, please notify us ahead by either DM-ing me, or by leaving a comment down below. However, the discussions won’t be limited to the previously fixed topics, so if anything comes up during the meeting, you will have a chance to ask or comment about anything in relation to the project.

[date=2021-01-17 time=11:30:00 timezone="UTC"]


Sounds fun :slight_smile: