Unboxing of the Kubuntu Focus Laptop


Nice of you to put on a shirt for the unboxing :smiley:
Some questions I’d like to know about this machine.
What PPAs or repos does it ship with out of the box?
What kernel uname -a does it ship with?
Can you change the encryption passphrase, or is this just because it’s a review unit?


“I will be sending it back…” :grinning::smiley::smile::grin::laughing::sweat_smile::rofl::joy::money_mouth_face:

Laptop looks cool though. Looking forward to the review!

My sending it back is not because of the quality but because that is part of the process for review units sometimes. Most companies who have offered to send me review units are things I wasnt interested in enough to do that but this time I am. :smiley:

I have added all of these to the list. I will find out what the uname result is in the morning and will post here prior to the review.

Thanks for the video @MichaelTunnell! Looks very slick indeed, as you say. Although I’m not a regular user of either Plasma or Ubuntu, I still think it’s pretty good to have advanced hardware directly supporting Linux through these technologies :slight_smile:

This Week In Linux is my favourite from all of the excellent DLN podcasts and although I know you’re doing sterling work in the community I have to say I’m suffering a bit of withdrawal - so looking forward to your next show as well as the full review and other things you’ve been working on of late!

(Also looks like there might be bug on the TuxDigital site homepage to do with when next episode is due. On my browser it’s saying 1st Jan 1970.)

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