Umm, after 20+ years on Linux I installed Windows 10?!?!

I was bored the other day and decided to install Windows 10 on my main system, I know… ., crazy right? I just wanted to play some of the newer games. Hey! I’m a old fart and wanted to try some of those new fenagled Anti-Cheat games that are out. :wink: (and no, I’d never spend around $60.00 on a new game, like Cyperpunk 2077). I’m also cheap like Michael. :smiley:

I feel like a nuke and pave Liinux install is coming shortly anyways, so at least I’m not going nuts. :wink:

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I have a Windows 10 VM to mess around with since I started going back to school for IT. It’s weird. There are so many things when you dig into the system that just make me shake my head. Maintaining Linux is a breeze compared to the weird convoluted world of Windows. BUT, it works when it works and you’re having fun so that’s what matters.

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What is there to say?
I fully understand. If there are no AAA games ported to Linux, not many gamers will use Linux. If nobody uses Linux, then why would they port AAA games to Linux?
The market is still too small. There would be a lot more traction if those games were developed for Linux as well.
I’m gaming on Linux. If there are no AAA games available, then so be it. No Tux, no bux.
There are other ways ofcourse, you can use Wine, or Lutris. Proton does a fairly good job also.

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This actually made me laugh, especially as Windows recently suicided itself on one of my machines (again, different version, different machine) while trying to update itself. If you enjoy endless hours of having to mess around with things like why did the mic that worked suddenly stop working, why did the printer that used to work suddenly stop working, why did the laptop that used to work suddenly stop working, Windows is unbeatable entertainment :rofl:


I periodically throw Windows 10 on my System76 Gazelle (extra blasphemous I know) when I want to delve into my GOG/Steam libraries with things that don’t run well in WINE/Proton. In college I was one of those annoying kids who spelled Microsoft with a dollar sign and ran Slackware.

Every tool for its intended use. For me - Windows is what I have to use for work and occasionally I use it at home to play. Linux is for everything else in between. I’ll nuke and reinstall PopOS or Fedora once I get through this one game on Steam (Ori and the Blind Forest).


Great game, I had it running through proton pretty well.

Yeah, for some reason every couple of games I try on Proton get awful performance on my discrete Nvidia card in Linux (or PopOS at least). Probably a driver problem.

I have a laptop with a graphics card what fell between generations and I have DirectX 12 support but no Vulkan support. As a result playing newer games or even World of Warcraft has been rough or impossible under Linux. Whereas under windows, the games ran just fine.

I’m not going to the throwout/recycle a perfectly good laptop just because my operating system of choice can’t do some thing. In my opinion that’s wasteful.

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Back in the late 90s or so I remember when I had a bunch of downloads going on and my operating system allowed itself to overwrite itself when I ran out of room on the hard-drive. Essentially killing the OS to never boot again. I believe it was Windows ME, which also would hang at shutdown forever. It’s not a bug, it is an undocumented feature. :slight_smile:

I should have seen the signs back then and switched to Linux for good, but no I continued with Windows until earlier this year and now happily ended distro-hopping… landing on Manjaro / KDE. The only use I have for Windows now is to change the RGB on my keyboard or mouse since Steel Series by MSI has no Linux support.


I understand. I have about a half dozen SSDs to put different operating systems on and run. The smallest one, a 240 GB Sandisk SSD, has Windows 10 installed on it. I’m considering running some of Chris Titus’s scripts on it to eliminate some Windows bloat and telemetry. The desktop has six Icy Dock ports for quick drive swaps. H/T to @MichaelTunnell for that idea.

I’ve just reinstalled Kubuntu on my machine, but I do plan on picking up a new 1TB SSD for installing Windows 10 and a few games on it, so I can dual boot. I can just pick the boot drive from BIOS, so no big deal.


I managed to recover Windows using Linux (Clonezilla) as it was in a hopelessly trashed and looping in an unrecoverable state itself.


@vskye I am wondering how your windows experiment is going?

My desktop has a windows disk that can boot into when i need something from that world. I haven’t booted into windows in a year. I also have a VM with windows. That i occationally startup when i need to test something.

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I’m not a gamer, so I have been perfectly happy with Windows in a Virtualbox VM. The first one, my Windows XP VM has been installed end 2010 in an ancient version of Virtualbox and I still use it occasionally to play my wma files with WoW and TrueBass effects. I still like that Windows Media Player audio better than any Linux music player.

Who else runs an OS that has survived 10 years?
For other stuff I use a Windows 10 Pro VM, if needed.


I haven’t used Windows in a long time though I have an old laptop that was designed for XP and can run Windows 7. It has a discrete video card which hasn’t been supported by Linux for some time so it runs at 100% peak power and it get extremely hot. I may need to give NDISWrapper a try.

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I have a netbook with XP still on it, dual-booting Debian 10. I almost never boot XP; there more for nostalgia, I guess.

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I keep a Windows 10 partition on my laptop just for two things :

  • the MSI software for controlling the keyboard and chassis lighting. I like to change it from time to time and found nothing that works on Linux for now
  • in case a game wouldn’t properly run on Linux (which hasn’t been the case yet)

Being a Mac user before, I’ve been rarely installing Windows before and what struck me is the amount of questions about sharing data. Then it asks again after an update and insists in different ways for you to agree/activate. Not subtle at all :sweat_smile:

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