Ubuntu Studio -- Installer question

I have a dual boot system Win 10 / Ubuntu 20.04 LTS installed. I downloaded Ubuntu Studio Installer and it seems to run ok. I’m using the guide at this link to install Jack Audio:


In Step 2 of this guide, I’ve selected the applications to install, and clicked “Install selected packages”. It ran through a bunch of downloads and whatever else, but seems to be stalled (even though all 24 cpu cores are in use with between about 5% to 20% activity. It’s been running now for over 4 hours – doesn’t seem right. Here’s the last place the Ubuntu Studio Installer seems to have stopped:

One other note on the guide instructions: when installing Ubuntu Studio Installer there was no option to "Enable realtime process priority”, so I just continued on with the instructions.

Any ideas on what this is building/doing or if it should take this long to run? Should I just kill it and try again?


Welcome to the help section and DL. I don’t know what is going on – but it is safe to say that after 4 hours, it “ain’t gonna work.” I would kill the process or abort it and try it again. BTW, what distro of Ubuntu 20.04 are you installing?

After 6 hours this is exactly what I did. Reinstalled everything. I believe the problem was that when I installed ubuntustudio-installer using the “Ubuntu Software” graphical tool in Ubuntu 20.04 LTS it did not install all the requisite dependencies. Just a guess, because when I did the second reinstall I did it all from the command line and everything worked fine. My base distro was Ubuntu 20.04 LTS. Now just to figure out how to close or delete this post. Thanks!

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