Ubuntu 22.04. Question re upgrading Flameshot

I’m using Flameshot 11 (deb package) on my Ubuntu 22.04 Gnome/Wayland system. It’s working good. It’s telling me that ver 12 is available. I click on the ‘Software Updater’ (SU) icon tool everyday to update my system. Will Flameshot 12 be automatically included in a future SU update? Or do I need to update Flameshot manually?

And how can I tell if a deb package app will (or will not) be automatically updated by SU?

I’m not an Ubuntu maintainer or packager but seeing that 12 is in kinetic (22.10), and there is historically no entry for it in backports, I don’t think it’s likely you will see a version bump.

I have no idea, honestly.

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Thanks. I’ll do a manual update.

Usually you will not get a new update for a program in an LTS release or any given release of Ubuntu, same goes for Debian. Therefore you could disable the update notifications from within the program. It is useless in Linux distributions because you are normally relying on your package manager to update your programs and system. I am still not sure why package maintainers are not disabling update mechanisms from programs like they do e.g. with Firefox and Chromium. Other programs would be Calibre. Those mechanisms work in Windows, maybe in MacOS.

In the case of your downloaded deb package of Flameshot, you are responsible to track the newest version of it and download it again. So at least here, if you installed a third party deb version of a program and it tells you that there is a new version out, you have to go back and download the newest deb version again and install it. Ubuntu’s update manager cannot manage third party programs. In reality no package manager can outside of the default repositories unless you add a third party repository to the mix, PPAs would be an example.

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I feel like it should be mentioned that Flameshot 12 is in Debian 11 backports. Proving yet again that Debian is the best Debian-based LTS distribution and is the place to be. :fish_cake:

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@vinylninja Should I uninstall/purge the older version of Flameshot before installing the newer deb?

Normally it should not be necessary to uninstall, but if there is a problem I would try it. Installing a new deb version is like updating the software manually. Of course problems can occur sometimes.

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@vinylninja Thanks. That’s very helpful. I looked more closely and the deb version of Flameshot is still an rc. I’ll wait til it’s finalized and then do the upgrade.