Ubuntu 22.04. Edits to GRUB config file not working

(I’m a noob and know very little about terminal commands and almost nothing about how Linux works under the hood.)

See attached image. I want my system to default boot from the top menu item (Ubuntu) and not from the 3rd menu item (which it does now).

So I edited the Grub file and changed GRUB_DEFAULT=2 to GRUB_DEFAULT=0. Then I saved the edited file and then reopened the file to make sure the change was there. (see attached image)

Then I rebooted and it still default booted from the 3rd item. Grrrr!

Any ideas why the change isn’t working? Any commands I can run to diagnose this issue? Does the location of my /boot/efi/ partition make a difference? (see attached image)

In my laptop are 2 nvme drives. My main one (2TB, n1p2) and a smaller one (500GB, n1p1). The 2nd one also has Ubuntu 22.04 in case the main nvme goes bad.

The file you are editing is not the final file that directs the boot process.

You have to run update-grub to build a new grub file from the parameters you specified in the file you are editing.

Did you run update-grub after editing this file?

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I did now. Worked great! Thanks!

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