Ubuntu 21.04. Suggestions for a simple GUI based file encryption app?

I’m using Ubuntu 21.04. I want to encrypt a single small file with a simple GUI based encryption app. Any suggestions? Must be GUI and not CLI.

I don’t want to mess with key management. I just want to encrypt the file and assign a decrypt password to the file.

I prefer an app that is not old and outdated and no longer maintained.

I tried using seahorse-nautilus but it doesn’t work.

Usually it’s the other way around. You’d want an app that’s being maintained.
Anyway, i use veracrypt as my go to app for encryption.

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I am not sure if it is available in Gnome at all but I use KDE Vaults on Plasma. It is super easy to set up, and use. The nice thing is, you can open and shut the vaults as needed. I think it is a much better method than file system encryption but that is just an opinion.

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Thanks @CubicleNate and @Eltuxo I ran across a page that discussed LibreOffice file password protection and encryption. It’s perfect for my purposes. Thanks for your suggestions.


@astronautsupplier From what I can see 7zip for Linux only available in CLI mode. I don’t like CLI apps and avoid them when a GUI alternative is available.

I’m not sure what a “distro built in archive utulity” is. I’ll start researching. Thanks!

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Cool. Thanks for the link. Now researching it. I’m using Gnome.

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Gnome Disks allows one to optionally LUKS-encrypt an EXT4 partition, at the time you create said partition. That’s my go-to for full-partition encryption.

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I think my Home partition is already LUKSed. I was looking for a simple app to encrypt and password protect a singe small file.

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