Ubuntu 21.04. Audio not working. Pulseaudio issues?

See pic. How to fix? Thanks. PS: I’m a newbie so only know very little about Linux and the command line.

Looks like /etc/pulse/daemon.conf has a typo or other issue. Can you post the results of head /etc/pulse/daemon.conf? (this prints the top 10 lines [“head”] of the file)


I got it fixed. I spent 2 hours online with a Linux expert from Upwork. He entered dozens of commands that I had no idea what they were. He got it working again.

That config file typo was one of the issues, yes. He found some other issues.

Sometimes I have to --kill and --start pulesaudio to fix random issues. Just keep in mind that it is not advisable to use sudo for pulesaudio commands.

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@Ethanol Good points. Thx. Will keep in mind.