Ubuntu 20.10, System76's Thelio Mega, CUPS Forked from Apple | This Week in Linux 122


Michael Sweet is doing a great job being the force behind a cornerstone piece of *nix software. I understand that it is a mature piece of software and new groundbreaking features aren’t expected but it is absolutely bonkers to me that Apple was just letting it stagnate.

Thanks @MichaelTunnell - very informative and enjoyable as usual. I am glad your talent for voice-over type special effects has not remained dormant today :wink:

I guess Ubuntu release is an exciting time for many of its users. I do run an LTS version in a VM so will look out for updates in that too. I always prefer open source that’s independent of large corporations if possible so I hope the new CUPS fork becomes the standard on Linux in time. I’ve never tried a Free GNU approved distro. They do interest me, especially as I’m almost never on new hardware. I wonder how broad this one’s software support is, though, compared to Debian, which is my daily driver.

One more thing, @MichaelTunnell.

You gave a really really fair coverage to Trisquel GNU/Linux. That’s pretty neat.

Parabola GNU/Linux is FSF approved and has Arch-type current packages. It is also NOWHERE near as easy to install as Trisquel.