Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Arrives, This is Whats New!


You are all probably aware of this news today but I wrote this article so I felt like sharing :smiley:


Well done! I appreciate the links to coverage in the various DLN shows. Very handy.

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@EricAdams there’s also a link to your Dark Mode article :smiley:

plus I added more images and even a gallery at the end :sunglasses:

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Excellent article. It looks great. If only it ran Plasma…

Btw, I think there is an “is” too much in the sentence:

The Long Term Support aspect of this release is also means that…

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Thank you very much for the feedback and I do totally agree about the Plasma part. :smiley:

Thanks for the report on my typo, I have fixed it in the article :sunglasses: