Ubuntu 19.10, KDE Plasma 5.17, & More with Wendell of Level1Tech – Destination Linux 144


There’s no unedited version on ko-fi.

Can the unedited version be downloaded/played through a podcast app?

Also, on the note of progress bars: I think wget does a decent job of showing a percentage. Granted it can know if internet speed will fluctuate, but it does show overall amount and how much has downloaded so far. Great show!

THANK YOU for the XMind recommendation. I’ve been desperate for a something like this.

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it should be there for sure. I will make sure to fix that when I get back to my state today. I saw that you switched to Sponsus so I will also post the unedited version there as well as the unedited version for DL 145.

You can download it via youtube-dl but unfortunately, it wouldn’t be practical to create a private RSS feed unless we use platform specific feeds. I don’t want to lock it to platforms. I will look into making mp3s that people can download but it would be fairly difficult to subscribe to those at least in the beginning.

yea, some do get progress bars fairly well done but the amount of things that fail at it is astounding since it has been a mechanism used for decades

you are most welcome sir, it is a pretty cool app for sure.


I’m a bit confused because I commented on an earlier post about this episode, I think and also recommended people who are interested in mindmapping to try Freeplane which I have been using for about seven years now, to excellent effect. It’s a fork of Freemind, which I used for several years prior to that, but Freemind wasn’t being updated often so I switched.

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If this is the episode in which it was mentioned that progress bars never work and must be really hard to code, I just did an upgrade from Fedora 30 to Fedora 31 - everything worked, including the progress bar :wink:

BTW was the earlier post about this episode removed? I will repeat my comment:

Was great to see Wendell’s pragmatic use of computers going back to virtually the origin of Linux. I will certainly check out more of his content and Matt’s :slight_smile:

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I remember you mentioned it but I didn’t intuit the term “mind-mapping software” as a category that might contain what I was looking for though it’s obvious in hindsight. What got me in the video is they showed pictures. Will definitely check out what you mentioned, thank you.

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Thanks for the response. I can do youtube-dl and stick it on here to upload to my podcast player. You guys have enough content in enough places, I was asking just to know!