Ubiquiti Unifi Server -- What are your experiences with running your own Unifi Server? Cloud? Docker? Local Install? R pi?

I just put in a few Unifi Access Points (Unfi U6-Pro) with a 24 Port Switch (USW-Pro-24-POE). I discovered that I now must either buy a Ubiquiti Controller or install Unifi Server to get access to the full suite of features from the APs.

I’m fairly certain that I will do a local self hosted install - but I see that there is an old Digital Ocean droplet that might be updated somewhere(?). Before I make the plunge, are there any Ubiquiti users that would like to share some of your experience.

Update: Here is where I landed.

On the Ubiquiti forums there is ubiquitous (see what I did there @MichaelTunnell) praise for the scripts written by a gentleman named Glenn R. So, after reviewing the script, I used his most current revision on an install of 22.04 of Ubuntu Studio. It was like butter.

Now the work of setup and segmentation begins.