Tuxedo Laptop first impressions

My new Tuxedo Aura laptop has finally arrived. My first impression is that the hardware is great.

I wasn’t too keen on the OS it came with so put Pop OS on there, which is an OS I love. Unfortunately I can’t yet get the bluetooth working. I have used bluetooth on every machine I have ever used with Linux, which is quite a few, without any issues at all. The first time I buy hardware claiming to be 100% Linux compatible and I get hardware issues. How ironic. I have spent an hour or so trying to add tuxedos repos to the Pop shop and maybe its there but I still can’t see any way of installing the Tuxedo Control centre. I’m am sure I’ll get there but right now I am kind of upset about it.

Right now I am left with a dilema. Either Stick with Pop OS and my own partition set up*, reinstall Tuxedo OS or whatever its called, Its Ubuntu LTS with Budgie but not the same as Vanilla Ubuntu Budgie. Or pick something else. A fourth option is to go with Tuxedo OS and install Gnome vanilla over the top and configure it like Pop OS. (and resize the partitions*)

*Another issue with the default stock install is that the swap is 8GB, much less that the ram size so Suspend to disk probably wont work if more than 8GB of RAM is “in use”.

Anyway I’m not having buyers regret just yet, I just feel I have more issues than I was hoping for.

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Thats surprising to hear that of all things bluetooth isnt working. Usually linux compatable machines just toss in an intel card and call it a day. Most of my bluetooth issues have been weird old hardware quirks and licensing problems.

If swapping to hibernate is an issue, maybe a swap file could be a good option. That way it wont have to dedicate 16 gigs of harddrive space just in case. Aside from suspend i cant see many ways one would utilize that 16 gigs of swap often.

Now that Pop is releasing cosmic, you might be able to replace the desktop with that and not hassle with vanilla gnome. It looks like it has some really interesting new features and as an i3 user, i was surprised as how comfortable their tiliing window manager setup is.

Overall Im suprised you are having so much trouble! i would definitely expect an easier transition between distros, expecially if they are all ubuntu derivatives anyway. Maybe its inter linux drama between Tuxedo and System76 :laughing:

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Lol that could be the case. I’m sure I’ll find a good solution and if it all just worked I’d have no fun fixing it. Yeah looking forward to cosmic, I just hope its not going to be a regression on what I love about Pop. Thanks for the tip about swap file, I’ve not really thought about those.

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So strange. I tried bluetooth again and its working now, I haven’t rebooted or logged out, its just started working. My confusion is exceeded by my relief.

Maybe an update started up the systemd service for Bluetooth? That would be strange since that’s always enabled on any distro I try and I don’t have any machines with Bluetooth

Bluetooth works fine for me on Fedora 34 on my Aura, could I help you troubleshoot the bluetooth error?

EDIT: I should read the thread before replying…

Yeah I jumped the gun a bit with that, should have held back. I am very pleased with this laptop, I’m sure any future problems are my own doings. In particular I love the screen, Although its not a touchscreen, having a mat finish leads to a much less reflections sounds obvious but its a thing and a good one. I was originally not sure about having a number pad but it doesn’t get in the way and I have even used it on occasion.

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I’m fed-up of paying for a Windows licence I know I won’t want to use, so hearing about good experiences with Linux-only laptop is very helpful :slight_smile: