TuxDigital just zapped from youtube?

I was just catching up on shows on youtube and in the middle of Nov. 5 episode the feed and channel were zapped?

It seems YouTube is out to delete everyone these days.

There is always BitChute

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Ok I’ll check into that, but can’t do on my company computer.

Someone made an open source Android app for BitChute. I think it is also available in the Google [shudders] Play Store.

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Ok the channels back 30 minutes later?

I was just about to say, I can still see all of @MichaelTunnell video’s on youtube.

I just checked after you scared me lol looks fine to me thankfully :smiley:


Last DLN a question was asked why should people trust software in Linux repos. This thread is why, we’re all abuse canaries.

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At this point, it seems they do not care one way or another.

Imagine stalling all of Google’s projects. It would be glorious.


Google is trying to surpress KDE! Down with Ga-nome Ga-ooglers!