Turning my Linux PC into a home server

Hi everyone!
What is required to turn my home PC into a home server without loosing the ability to use it as my main computer?
I just want all other devices in my wifi network to be able to share my media files.

I understand “media files” to be videos and music. I run docker containers on my desktop which enables it to serve as a host to various “server” applications without a hitch. For your media files you should look at plex media server.


Wait, your solution sounds interesting. I just want to share my videos and documents across my wifi network. What do I need to download? Docker and what else? If you can tell me how you did it it would be great!

I like jellyfin. I run it in a container sharing my media library to all my devices. It’s great. On iOS there’s an app called Finamp which has replaced my default music app.


If you mean your LAN, providing network access to your files is as simple as setting up a network share with NFS or Samba. Check it out: NFS - ArchWiki

The internet is swimming with documentation for setting up a Plex server, poke around and you’re bound to find something that works for your setup.

+1, we use Jellyfin at home and setting it up was dead simple.

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Another +1 for Jellyfin.

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Thanks for all the replies!! My greatest concern was the ability to also keep using my Linux PC as normal while it shared the files. I’ve found how to do it thanks to your answers.
My other option was to use an older laptop I have with proxmox, but I’d have to replace its HDD with a larger SSD, so it is easier doing it the way I thought of.

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I really like TrueNas scale for sharing data on my network