Trying to get Flatpak based NextCloud client install configured prior to initial sync

Distros: SteamOS (Arch btw) and Ubuntu 2304
App: NextCloud (Flatpak)

This has never worked as desired.
The behavior is reproducible on 5 or more systems. Ubuntu, Arch.
This is for my home personal use.

I want to setup the simplest NC “Folder sync connection” possible by syncing my complete home directory with the root of my NC account storage. I understand I could just create separate sync connection for each Desktop, Documents, Pictures. etc. but that’s not my first choice

Trying to persist setting disable/uncheck “Settings > General > Edit ignored files > Sync hidden files”. After unchecking, click “OK”. Reopen setting to confirm… setting is once again enabled.

If I setup my “Folder sync connection”, start sync, quickly set the setting, save it, stop the sync, restart sync, then it will persist, but by then I have unwanted hidden “.” files.

For other unwanted home profile folders and what not, I can deal with those. I just don’t sync them. I can’t get these hidden files not to sync initially even though there’s a option for it.

If anyone has insights on how to address this, that would be cool if you could share.

Thanks in advance.

Unfortunately, the behavior you’re describing with NextCloud’s “Sync hidden files” setting is a known issue with the Flatpak version. This issue has been reported in several places, including the Nextcloud community forum and GitHub issue tracker.

Here’s what we know:

The issue:
The “Sync hidden files” setting in the NextCloud Flatpak doesn’t persist after restarting the application. Even when unchecked, hidden files are still synced initially, potentially leading to unwanted data transfer.


While a permanent solution is still in development, there are a few workarounds you can try:
Manual setting:
Uncheck “Sync hidden files” before starting the sync.
Immediately after starting the sync, quickly open the settings and confirm that the option is still unchecked.
Stop the sync and restart it.
This method can be tedious and requires quick action, but it can prevent the initial syncing of hidden files.

Ignore file list:
Go to “Settings > General > Edit ignored files”
Add a file name pattern or wildcard that matches your hidden files (e.g., “.”)
This approach will prevent specific files from syncing, but it can be more cumbersome if you have many hidden files to exclude.

or Wait for fix

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Thank you for taking the time to reply.
I appreciate it.

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