Trying to get as far away from Windows as I can

I got rid of windows, but I still have this stinking windows key on my keyboard that remains the last thorn in my side.

Does anyone know of a Linux/Super/Meta keycap replacement that is black with transparent lettering or logo? Something that would work with an RGB keyboard?

The best I could do was use a Fedora sticker that they were giving away at a BOF(Birds of a Feather) session at a Linux Conference that covered the Windows logo with a Fedora logo, but it doesn’t let the light through on an RGB keyboard. Good luck!


I may have to use a sticker…it’s just one key and a stick would be better than a winblows emblem. I do find a solution, I’ll share it here.

Maybe you could look for folks that design custom keys ? There were some shown in the keyboard nerds thread I think

Not a bad idea, thanks.

Easiest option might be putting a sticker over it that has a nice texture or a similar texture if that’s possible.

If you can’t source a compatible cap, you could also buy the same keyboard used and swap the windows key for something of the same size.

Two Ctrl keys? lol

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Yeah… you just gotta take ctrl of the situation.


Ok, I found this:

While this shows a winblows key, there are many other options on that page, including different keycap colors.

I ordered this one., because, reasons: