Trouble with Arch Repositories

Please provide specific information such as the distro and version you’re using of the desktop environment. Logs or error messages can help in troubleshooting the problem.

I am having real trouble updating Arch. The repositories just dont move, cant download it seems. I am using it now, we have good internet, but Arch seems to be the problem, been a few days with this problem, can anyone help?

Thanks, Ed

Don’t know if this will help in your case, but something similar happened to me and I had to refresh my mirrors. After that I tried pulling down some updates and it worked. Worth a shot. The worst that can happen is that you find a faster mirror.

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If I login, and open up a terminal, and do sudo pacman -Syyu it worked like a charm. The pacman gui wouldn’t…

I will look at the repositories

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pacman doesn’t offer a GUI, you must have been using something like Pamac.

FYI, pacman -Syy is for updating mirrors and -Syu is upgrading packages. You don’t need to update your mirrors every time which is what Syyu will do but if you have a mirror issue doing so will almost always solve it.

I typically just use the terminal in Arch because the GUIs feel a bit slower, especially since when searching for arch repos they have a website that lets you do so at Arch Linux - Package Search


I use Manjaro and Arch, and I do a “sudo pacman -Syu” every time I boot up. I find keeping the system updated very regularly leads to very few issues. 3 months in and I’ve had no problems with my Manjaro installation, ditto for my Arch installation, albeit only a couple of weeks old :wink:

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I used Zen to install Arch, I may have specified the wrong region during the install. I found in the Arch wiki how to regenerate and replace my mirrors. But all the entries were commented. So the next day, the light went on, I uncommented one likely entry and tried it, and got all the repos updated. Then played with pacman.conf, and got the mutilib enabled, and I am in business. It’s working like it should now…


My only attempt at trying Manjaro didn’t last more than a few days because trying to update the system from the desktop (gui) did absolutely nothing. I’m guessing this might be the reason, meaning need to request mirror update from cli.