Too many options for a Linux Laptop?

So if you want to buy a laptop with Linux preinstalled, that has none of the missing driver issues that Linux used to be famous for, then we now have another option.

This time an HP laptop with PopOS pre installed.

I know this is getting serious and making it harder to decide which option you want to go for but…

People are choosing which Android phone they want. It is not like people can’t choose. Having a hard time to choose between many options is a luxury we want to have, not avoid it. So no, I am saying it is no “too many options for Linux Laptop”.

I wish there were cheaper options for these things. I love the idea of System76, but their computer prices are too far out for me. If they came out with a Chromebook competitor, a la PineBook, I would be very interested, even if the price:spec ratio wasn’t fantastic. I have a few hundred I could get something like that, not 1k or more.

Maybe one day most laptops will be available with a choice of windows or a few Linux options.

It could happen.