To connext Linux-pc to your Xbox-one-X

I’m wondering if there is apps or other software to connect your Xbox to your linux PC so that you can either stream from Xbox or share media folder to Xbox.

Got Pop!_os 21.10 on PC and Xbox-one-X

Windows has it’s ways to connect with xbox but i have had no luck with Linux.
I’m pretty sure there is some software out there, that fixes this issue, but i have no knowledge of it.

The best would be able to play xbox game pass games on linux trough xbox.

I am also interested in connecting the Xbox (Series S) to my Linux PC (Manjaro). Sharing files such as recorded videos, screenshots or even managing RetroArch folder (I don’t have it installed, but I would if this was possible) would be useful.

I don’t understand. Why do you need a Linux PC, if you already play the games on your XBox? Or do you mean streaming? Because that should be possible already, using Edge browser on Linux (I did not try to confirm).

Yeah i noticed that about fifteen minutes after that you can these days use the xcloud trough edge or chrome-base browser.

But that introduces a lot latency and i would like to stream from console in my local network to pc to play those games.
Just like Steam has remote play with steam link or to your old laptop. Letting your gaming pc doing the heavy lifting.

But sharing media between is the main goal.