Tizen - user feedback / development status / opinions

Dear Destination Linux Team,

I’ve really enjoyed coverage of mobile phone / cellphone devices and operating systems in recent shows. I would really like to see a Linux-based alternative to Android and iOS taking off, especially due to privacy concerns.

I have been impressed with Noah’s feedback about SailfishOS as at one stage it really looked like a contender to compete with Android. (I’m not sure what it’s status is though, in terms of availability in US and UK.)

With talk of Huawei launching a new open source OS to compete with Android, I have been wondering what has become of Tizen, which I understand is supported by the Linux Foundation and a number of hardware vendors, with Samsung apparently most involved.

Do any of the team or forum users have experience of using Tizen which they could share? If so, which device have you used it on and in which country (as I wonder if product like PinePhone will work in the UK)? Does anyone have any news on the development status of Tizen other than what’s available in brief on their website? What do the team and forum users think of Tizen as a possibility in relation to other mobile / cellphone OS options?