Timeshift issues in Fedora 35 Subject for the podcast(s)? (Fedora pod/ Destination linux pod)

Ever since I updated to Fedora 35, Timeshift has not worked.

When I connect a drive and open Timeshift, the drive does not appear. I have noticed on various forums that I am not alone. Have been waiting for several months for this to be fixed in an update, but nothing seems to happen any time soon.

I know there are other backup options, but I feel the gui is easier and faster for a beginner.
Maybe I’m too demanding and should rather learn to be confident in backing up via the terminal?

Does anyone else know of a good replacement for timeshift that not only backs up files, but backs up the entire system (settings, apps, etc.)?

Maybe Grayson can ask Matthew Miller the next time he visits the show or maybe talk about it on the DLN podcast and shed light on it ?