Thunderbird Mail Client

Hi I am running Kubuntu 20.04 LTS
I always use thunderbird for years now.
However from the software store it seems to install the snap.
Everytime it updates It loses my contact list and i have to re-enter my email address.
Even though i have it set to not update.
I wat to get rid of it unless theres a solution I don’t like the way this snap works.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


I think quite a few people are going to MailSpring since it became available on Linux.

Just checking, but did you try popey’s recommendation from Thunderbird can't find existing user profile - snap -

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Thank You for your help !

I too use Thunderbird. I really needed the cardbook extension, and Calendar, as these both integrate well with Nextcloud (via CARDDAV and CALDAV).

I simply download the .tar.bz2 file right off the Thunderbird website. No package manager here (against all of our better judgements, admittedly)!

Once I decompress this, and move the “thunderbird” folder to my home dir, then I make a symlink to the actual thunderbird executable binary on my desktop:

ln -s /home/user/thunderbird/thunderbird /home/user/Desktop/Thunderboid

user@laptop:~$ ls -la Desktop/

lrwxrwxrwx 1 user user 44 Dec 3 21:19 Thunderboid → /home/user/thunderbird/thunderbird

Then an Icon appears on my Ubuntu Desktop, and that’s my launcher. Thunderbird can update itself, outside the package manager:

Burger menu in the upper Right → Help → About Thunderbird → Look for it saying “Thunderbird is up to date”:

I thought the package is also available from the regular repos.

I would check:

apt policy thunderbird

Thank You everyone for you help.