This Week’s Hottest Distro🄯 - Ubuntu

It’s been a while, but please give a warm welcome back to our Distribution Correspondent, Rider! Rider, it’s been a while; how have you been?

It’s been pretty bleak from COVID Quarantine, or at least that’s what my roommates tell me.

Indeed. Hopefully something good will come out of it.

Just wait nine months.

What is that supposed to me- You know what, nevermind. Getting us back on track what is your distro pick for this week?

Well, this week’s hottest distro is OOH-bun-TOO. Fresh from Africa, this British distribution just came out with a release that’s to die for (pun not intended).

Pun not intended? what does that mean?

Don’t tell me your forgot there’s a whole deadly pandemic going around?

No, you’re right. Carry on.

Thank you. Now this release has everything, Cats, Mice, and… a FocalFossa. Sorry, that’s just so fun to say: FocalFossa.

FocalFossa. Hey yeah, you’re right, that is fun to say.

Told you so. Anyway, the only thing I would say about this is “watch out for Woosle”.

Woosle? What’s that?

Well, it’s either hephalumps and woozles OR WSL. In this case I’m talking about WSL; you know, that thing where Windows tries to take on Mac and Linux by… using Linux. But it’s not a normal Linux, it’s a Linux that only has one arm and so it looks like a rabid penguin trying to menacingly scooch across the floor so it can bite you.

And with that I think we’re going to call it a night. Stay safe, everyone!