This Week in Linux 99: Linux 5.6, Qt Diverting from Open Source?, PinePhone, UbuntuDDE, SUSE


Thanks @MichaelTunnell for another fantastic episode - especially enjoyed all the humour in this besides it being jam-packed with news and lots of (unbiased ;-)) suggestions for further viewing :slight_smile:

I just want to say a special thanks for carrying on in current “crazy world”, to the extent that although I have literally been counting my pennies and rationing my food to last out, I am seriously considering the Sponsus option…!

Having looked at Windowing toolkit’s I think it has to be accepted that Qt is the strongest option in various ways… (also I wonder if it’s very wrong to pronoune it Queue-tea? Pardon me, I’m a Brit ;-)) As I’ve mentioned before, being a bit of a C++ puritan, I do get a little squeamish over how it’s a bit divergent from standards, though I will be saddened indeed it they find financial hardship is resulting in their closing source as an emergency measure. I don’t really say much about funding open source as I’ve not really been in a position to do much of that yet due to my own circumstances, but I would much rather see Qt survive and then resume openness than a fork to be made which may involve duplication of work and may not progress as rapidly. We shall see…

Love the PineBook UBPorts news. At some stage I really need to look at joining a project and writing code. Operating Systems was one of my favourite topics at college, hence partly my passion for Linux; also our dire need for an open phone platform may well determine my choice when I am able to, hopefully.

I use Debian and I think their installer has been largely unchanged going back over half a decade, though it’s functional. I think Calamares sounds like a wonderful idea. Also the use of QML sounds like it’s a modernisation that would be very preferable. Although I appreciate Python and know it’s become very popular, call me old-fashioned, but I still think for performance and compile-time checks C++ wins out, so perhaps this will be of great benefit.

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:smiley: thank you! Lol yea I was a bit cooky in this episode for some reason.

You are most welcome. I feel like I am in a position that I can provide an outlet at least for a moment that can benefit people and I am more than happy to do that! In regards to the Sponsus, I appreciate it very much that you are considering it but I don’t want anyone to send me money if they need it. In a weird time like this I think it is even more true that people should only contribute to me if they can without having to worry if it negatively impacts them or not. :+1:

This is very much what conclusion I came to as well.

I know that the Qt project pronounces it as “cute” but I personally don’t have a preference. I think people should pronounce it however the want but at the same time, if you want to meet the request of the project then that’s Qt.

That is very interesting! I wish I had the skill set to do something :smiley:

Yea Debian’s installer is ancient and while very very functional it is quite dated and I like many of the things that Calamares is doing. I dont think Debian is likely to adopt it any time soon but maybe some day.


@MichaelTunnell great episode: so many noteworthy topics that don’t get coverage on other Linux News podcasts!

But I need your help: your dialog about “click the links below… no not below on Youtube descriptions, but at the actual website” had a lightbulb go off! Admittedly I am a regular listener, but a negligent listener :slight_smile: I had wanted to look up something before, and looked for the show notes in my podcast app (I download using Podcast Addict on Android), but not finding them there I had previously then gone to YouTube, where I didn’t find the notes, and thought “hmmm… maybe he forgot to post them?” Now I am finally on looking at the episode page, but I still don’t see the show notes???

Am I in a bizarro world where it is only me that doesn’t know where to find the notes???!!!??? :slight_smile:

Keep up the excellent work! For Episode 100… hmmm any big reveals coming?

Oh, and I am back in the US for a few months and would be interested in checking out the stool… can you throw me a link to that too?

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that is due to my time constraints of having so much to do lol that the website page has not been updated for Episode 99 yet. but that will be done today.

As for the podcast app description, there is no way for me to know if every podcast app supports the notes that I want so I dont bother with those as there are just too many to account for. However, I think in the future I may be able to do some sort of automation with that in some aspects. For example, check to see if TWinL 98 has the notes in your podcast app.

YouTube description is a different kind of beast that requires me to make 2 very different kinds of show notes to accommodate YouTube structure, that is why I dont have them there but instead a link to the full notes there.

I am planning on doing the show Live for 100 which will be the first live stream in like 6 months so I am excited for that. We are also planning to do a Patrons Chat Live Stream this weekend before TWinL 100 is recorded :smiley:

Outside of that, there isnt really a celebration planned but if you have any ideas please let me know.

The stool that I got is from a company called Autonomous and it is called the “Ergo Stool” however, while I did get the stool for $9 that is because I got it on a Black Friday Super Sale thing. Normally, the Ergo Stool is $99 so it might be worth waiting until Black Friday again :smiley:

If the 11x the price difference is ok with you then here are the links for it:

Stool: whoa I thought that was a LOT of stool for $9 regardless of what the other guys thought :slight_smile: I don’t think I can go for $100 stool or I would not be able to face my friends, but man if you see a sale come up again please let ALL THE SOCIAL CHANNELS know so we can be rocking the stool just like our podcast hero :slight_smile:

Yes, for episode 98 I see the links in the segment index, so I guess I am not going crazy, they do actually exist. If you ONLY had a link to the episode page for YouTube it would maybe be enough, then you get the clicked smashes to your site?

Anyway, with links now found I am out to do a bit of web trawling…

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Debian Live ISOs use Calamares. That was one of the new features in Buster.

@MichaelTunnell Your multiple skill-sets enrich this community prodigiously already, I’m sure many would agree :+1: