This Week in Linux 97: Firefox, Darktable, Manjaro on Pinebook Pro, AMD & Intel Security Issues


Thanks for this @MichaelTunnell - especially good to hear you’re now 95% recovered :slight_smile: I’m looking forward to the Firefox flatpaks when they are released. Currently Debian’s conservative approach ships Firefox ESR which does tend to lag behind in features and I don’t really like snaps because of how they seem to clutter the file system.

I think distributed software using people’s spare clock-cycles (such as foldingathome) is a pretty good idea and hope people can find ways of contributing through it.

Although my budget currently excludes even knock-down priced hardware like the Pinebook Pro I am very excited to hear that such a popular mainstream distro and DE will be standard on that model :slight_smile:

I know LFS is a bit out-there for most people, but my thread on the forum does still encourage discussion of builds of this. Maybe if people are isolated a lot in our times, they might give LFS a go?

With regard to hardware vulnerabilities I’m not sure if the ones you cover overlap with or are alternative names for Intel CSME Bug vulnerabilities, which sounded disastrous to me when I first learned of them some weeks ago. Apparently Intel Microcode includes a computer within a computer (basically an 80486 running Minix) which has had vulnerabilities found in it that can severely impact cryptography done in the device :confused: I haven’t looked into this in detail, but if you do, I’d certainly appreciate your insights!

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