This Week in Linux 116: Blender 2.90, Fedora ThinkPad Laptop, Nvidia RTX 3000, PinePhone & More


Linux From Scratch community project


oops, I forgot that link. Thank you! updated the show notes :smiley:

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Thanks for this, @MichaelTunnell - as informative as ever! I’m particularly pleased about the Lenovo/Fedora tie-up. I agree that Fedora has a lot of potential in this way, especially if they perhaps smooth out some rough edges, though they do say it’s aimed at developers and so presumably expects more from users in terms of system admin skill too.

I am very excited about Linux From Scratch and Beyond Linux From Scratch and would welcome more enthusiasm from the DLN community too!

PinePhone updates are always excellent news too! I wonder if anyone’s done a video demonstrating it with all the different interfaces?


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Yea, I think that is true for all of ThinkPads. I dont think those are aimed at consumers in general. They also said more models will ship with Fedora though which is great. :smiley:

LFS is kind of a monster so thats why I gave the warnings I did but it is cool for people who want to learn so I included that thread in the shownotes :smiley:

I will totally be doing that for sure!

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