This Week in Linux 107: Krita 4.3, FFmpeg 4.3, FreeNAS on Linux, postmarketOS PinePhone

Originally published at: 107: Krita 4.3, FFmpeg 4.3, FreeNAS on Linux, postmarketOS PinePhone - Podcasts - TuxDigital


Now I know negative version numbers counting up to 0.0 is a thing…

Software versioning - Wikipedia

I didn’t know until now and the only reaction I can give to that is:

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Thanks, @MichaelTunnell - learned a lot from this! I hadn’t heard of postmarketOS, sounds very exciting, especially if it supports a lot of handsets. Also I think FreeNAS is the first thing I’ll be interested in trying when I get DigitalOcean, but I’d like to invest sustainably and for long-term, probably, so that will need to wait for a while. Never heard of nativefier either and it sounds very useful. I wonder if it could be used to capture an information site for local use? If you do make a video on it, I’d surely appreciate it. I’ve never used electron myself mostly as I’m not a huge fan of javascript and I wonder if Microsoft have a hand in it? I don’t listen much to music, but I know Clementine used to be quite popular some years back. Good to see development being built upon again :slight_smile:

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This episode was my first time hearing about Tidal and I would like to give it a try. Unfortunately I see they do not offer a Linux client nor provide their highest quality stream to the web client yet. I do see that Strawberry appears to be able to stream at that highest quality however it requires a Tidal API token or oAuth client ID neither of which is explained on how to acquire. Would much appreciate any assistance in getting Tidal on Strawberry configured.

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