This Week in Linux 101: Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, Manjaro 20, LXQt, Lenovo / Fedora ThinkPads, Void Linux

Originally published at: 101: Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, Manjaro 20, LXQt, Lenovo / Fedora ThinkPads, Void Linux - Podcasts - TuxDigital

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Excellent - thanks, @MichaelTunnell! So much in this episode, no wonder it was a late night working on it!

I know the Ubuntu LTS is a big thing and though I don’t use it myself, I do have it running in a VM so will look forward to the upgrade. Maybe I’ll try Manjaro some time soon too, especially given it is now the default distro on the Pinebook Pro.

I recall when IBM was a very different company and of course when they sold aspects of their hardware branch to Lenovo. Sometimes I wonder if Microsoft might go down a similar track. I think IBM wasn’t so big on ethics some decades back and has changed into something very different over the years. Let’s see…

Front Page Linux sounds very exciting. I used to write for the college paper when I was at university. Maybe some time I might write something up for you to have a browse for consideration. I understand the standard you require is quite high, so of course you’ll be selective so that we can all enjoy excellent content - if I submit something that’s not quite right for the site, I still think I’ll learn lots from trying, if I ever have ideas that might be worthwhile :slight_smile:

Sorry to read of the drama this week. We’re all human though so I guess it’s to be expected from time to time. Hope both projects work their way past it all though.