This week in KDE posts

I’m not sure how many people are aware of it but the KDE team posts a weekly update on progress they’ve made. It’s a lot of detail that some might not be interested in but if you use Plasma it’s fun to see the upcoming changes. Here’s the latest one - This week in KDE: 5.17 and beyond – Adventures in Linux and KDE


Love them. Alvays reed them as I subscribe to KDE rss feed.
It’s great way to know what changes are coming as I wouldn’t notice most of them just by daily usage.

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I still haven’t made the switch to Plasma! I keep telling myself I want to try it - but I’m still way to happy with Ubuntu Mate to switch…

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We all use what we like which is one of the best things about Linux. I like to check out things in VirtualBox so that’s always an option for you to try Plasma.

I do the same with tt-rss, I could not live without a RSS aggregator.

Ubuntu Mate is amazing, I recommend it too many people. Defiently give it a try sometime.