This is NOT going Well… Linux Gaming Challenge Pt.2

Part Deux dropped. Could be better could be worse.


Linus : sudo apt-get install obs-studio
[Linus@LinusSebastian]# This is Manjaro fool !
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Linus has had a few problems, but it doesn’t seem like he’s giving linux a fair chance. He blames Linux for not knowing how to download from GitHub, “View as raw” is used by most code hosting platforms, not to mention paste sites like pastebin

I think the point he is trying to make is that as an end user, you should not have to go to a github site to get packages. On the flip side, going to random site to get a .dll .mse .exe should be ok?! it’s a double edge sword in my opinion. Also, it does not help that he literally ended up with an Arch based distro.

We have to look at this as Linus literally doing what ANY new Linux user would do. Honest mistakes, granted he read no documentation on the distro, so these mistakes would happen.

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I guess I can, maybe, understand that.

I can’t stand using the Apple App Store, Google’s Play Store, or the Microsoft Store (when I have to use “those OS’s”.

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I can relate to some of his problems; I wouldn’t have typed that long string into PopOS without reading though & I wouldn’t call manjaro not telling me how to install packages after I tried to is ‘apt install’ a problem.

I think we can agree that, although it was recommended, manjaro was probably not the best place to start. What distribution do you think you should have started on? I would have liked to have seen opensuse; while Luke has had a good luck with mint- it would still be nice to see Linus on a distribution with a different base.

Perhaps we try to read too much into it?
This is a show and the “Linux challenge” is framed as a “challenge” so from the viewers’ perspective there is an expectation of problems and if there weren’t really any, we come up for something for the show.
So many LTT videos are disasters, e.g. a watercooled build with EK components that leaks and ruins some $10000 worth of hardware.

Can you tell I’m a homer for Fedora?! But, has Fedora ( Upon first install ) never been easier to install 3rd party repos and just get started on? Since that has always been the shict on Fedora being somewhat intermidiate distro.

(Even though I never found it difficult to paste a repo + key + dnf update then install software difficult…)

I don’t believe we are, This is in many ways a promotion. It could be a Linux challenge, but he is in fact showcasing + noting the difficulties and short comings of Linux as a whole. i see no problem with this, but from a promotional/showcase point of view, MANY new users will just say “Oh Linux, that OS Linus tried and broke his system?” All of this is rather damning… Positively & Negatively.

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My take on it is this. Linus is not a novice user. That in itself is a handicap because, no matter what you try, and your own biases will show through.

I was not terribly annoyed by what he said but I did smirk at his reaction to manufacturer’s poorly supported hardware on Linux as that is a pain I have had to live through for 20 years.

The Linux rant originale


Maybe the average user isn’t wanting to stream AAA games at 240Hz, or host their games online with pro cameras and mics.

Maybe the average user just wants to read their emails, check their bank account, watch you tube, listen to their music and maybe view their photos. Out of the box stuff.

Maybe Linux is not for advanced users like Linus but for average users like my mum (or advanced users who want to learn stuff).


I admit that I’m not into 90% of AAA games and I make sure and buy my hardware according to the availability of Linux drivers. Streaming to youtube is flawless with hardware encoding; to twitch needs software encoding, but is otherwise flawless.

I wonder if he went manjaro because he’s a power user and encouraged that Luke guy to try something more Linux “main stream”. It’s too bad he had an issue with P_Os! because I think that may have faired better for him over all ( knew the basics of apt even if you don’t need the “-get” anymore). I wonder if he leaned towards arch because of the Deck? If that’s the case I don’t think that will be a similar experience to other sisters because I assume valve is trying to smooth paper cuts.

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Good point, and I think the arguments in the LTT video were trying to take the point of view of the “average gamer”. Meanwhile, average gamers are doing just fine in Linux.

It always seems like Linus’ problems are way bigger than they are and he’s certainly not the average user. Those lights were a pain and Luke spent 5 seconds in the video to explain he just used the phone app and everything was great, followed by 10 minutes of Linus trying to copy/paste text into a text editor and learn how to run a script. I don’t think average users are using that gear, but it really makes the problems seem way worse because Luke gets very little screen time. None of his searching revealed that you can run the script by double clicking if you set it to executable?

Using apt-get in the terminal on Manjaro? Wouldn’t an average user just use Pamac and never run into this problem? I know the terminal is the best and all but seriously, just use the GUI like an average user until you know what you’re doing.

Seems like the opinion is that you shouldn’t use Linux because there’s bad hardware support, instead of asking hardware vendors to support Linux. I know the pain, which is why I make sure that most functionality of my hardware can be done with hardware controls, not software controls. Linus’ use case is not average so I understand why he uses the gear he does. I’m afraid to see what happens when he tries to run that software in WINE.

It’s good that someone is finding these problems though. Perhaps it will draw some attention from hardware vendors to support Linux in the future. There’s a lot of great hardware that just serves a web page that you can adjust all the settings through. Why don’t hardware vendors do that more often?

This is NOT going Well… Linux Gaming Challenge Pt.2 - YouTube

“If GitHub is only for developers, then Linux Desktop is only for developers.” – Linus

Sounds like Linus is discovering what it means when vendors ignore Linux (Desktop). Even though it seems things are slowly improving at times, often product “support” is actually a DIY project by some enthusiast.

Edit: Actually, is he? Or is he knowingly using his platform to point out the biggest pain points? He’s a tech savvy guy who doesn’t seem to know how to run a bit of script. I’m not sure I buy that.

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I’m not sure if he’s forcing himself to be bewildered for the sake of the “average user” perspective or what. He spent time to demonstrate the file properties of a file on Windows but I didn’t see him looking through the file properties of his script on Linux. For sure he would have come across the “Allow executing file as a program” permission if he had.

I’m reminded of the few times i’ve done remote desktop onto a Mac to “try” and help a friend with an issue. I basically just freeze up and become an infant, I have zero clue how to do the most blantantly obvious things and i’m constantly looking things up. It’s like being in an alien World with different physics even though “technically” all desktops generally work the same.

Maybe i’m alone on this, what’s it like for you guys remoting onto Macs?

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I’ve never owned an apple product, I did ask to look at someones macbook air once. I stared at the desktop for a while and opened a couple of programs. I looked for various settings and such. But yeah apart from the obvious apps in the dock it was a bit alien.

Friends don’t help friends with Mac’s. Just kidding. They tell him to “take it to the Genius Bar you idiot” !!!

Just kidding again.

Linux / OSX / Windows … solutions are on the web. DuckDuckGo-fu is your friend.

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I have so many years of Mac OS usage behind me that it’s on Linux I feel like an alien :rofl::rofl:
Getting more et ease though even if sometimes old habits prevent you to see or fully understand the way of the new OS