This is not enough to make me switch

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This is a well used scammer technique I remember from the days i’d buy Windows from Ebay.

Companies buy up keys wholesale either from Microsoft or from third parties and proceed to resell them over and over until Microsoft finally flags them. It usually takes 6 months to a year before that happens which is conveniently long enough to prevent a refund.

It could be a legitimate sale but you’re trusting the seller, their security and the likelihood that they delete your key after sale along with the people that sold them those keys, their security and deletion policy.

OEM licenses also usually require being installed on the make & model hardware they came with where RETAIL licenses can be installed on any hardware so that’s something to be wary of too as these licenses are rarely RETAIL.


Also Windows 11 is not worth $10.25.

Use that money for something that is actually good, like a sandwich.