Thinking Of Buying An Apple Mac? Watch This First! My Final Thoughts


Helped me better understand my mac friends though I reserve the right to still poke fun at them. :stuck_out_tongue:

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As a 20+ years Apple user, I completely agree on your point of view. I’ve been a fanboy for like the 3-4 first years when Apple was on the fringe of disappearing. I was studying industrial design and Apple was looking like the only computer company that understood what design really is.
Then you appreciate the solid OS, the hardware longevity and honestly, the comfort of habits. As years go by, the stupid decisions you talk about become more prominent (ah the obsession of the thinnest device :roll_eyes:). Their success didn’t make me bitter like some old Mac heads but as an individual I became more and more defiant and critical of big corporations and what they do to our society and the whole planet.
In short I hate capitalism and Apple is a flagship of that system. It just didn’t make sense to me to continue to buy them stuff. I was intrigued by Linux for years and it was a way to be more coherent.
The video is a good explanation of the mixed feelings you get using Macs. Great quality and user interface, drives you crazy on some decisions (hardware and software) and always cost you more…

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Here are five items I remember really shaking my head on.

  1. I remember the annoyed PowerMac owners when Snow Leopard, which was supported on PPC quite late in beta, was announced to release on Intel only.

  2. When they kept not releasing a new Mac Pro despite professionals of all walks asking for one and then delivering the (really nice desktop computer but not a Pro Mac) iMac Pro and the underwhelming weird cylinder.

  3. Removing the 3.5 mm audio jack from their phones after decades of pushing the music and audio capabilities/quality of their products.

  4. Doubling down on Metal after Vulkan released.

  5. Going full butts to the wall on anti-right-to-repair.

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Number 5 was the deal breaker to me.
I remember those and a lot more like the outrage when they released the first iMac, with no floppy disc reader :smile:
It’s still a good example how Apple is pushing forward to new technologies (same with the audio jack). I always thought it funny how they maintain compatibility for old machines and at the same time do things like this :man_shrugging: