The ultimate Linux Tablet PC

A 13"-14" Microsoft Surface Pro like tablet, Intel i7 quad core 9th generation processor (or even better the equivalent AMD Ryzen), 16GB RAM (minimum), 1TB (minimum) M.2 NVMe drive, WiFi 6 -AND- runs Linux with full hardware support (preferably with a touch compatible DE that when connected to a docking station or monitor/keyboard/mouse gives a full desktop).

One can only dream. Such a thing does not exist today. The MS Surface Pro can be hacked to run some Linux distributions, but it’s not the greatest experience.



Very cool Pi project!

A good friend of mine has an i7 Surface tablet. He had to get the tear-off keyboard replaced twice. The flimsy plastic top surface of the keyboard also frayed at the edges, which I offered to crazy-glue shut again, pinching it shut with aluminum chopsticks (and it looked awful, because it had many tiny frilly folds, like pleats, as this thin keyboard surface had also stretched out in addition to fraying), after swabbing out the built-up grunge inside the crack with rubbing alcohol.

My organization also bought two i5 Surface tablets (not my preference or choice). One had a keyboard also needing replacing, as the trackpad failed (within a few months). White jungle mold quickly grew on the keyboard of one of these i5’s (as I’m in a tropical country), in a matter of a month or three. No mold grew on any of the several other keyboards here.

I also dislike the Surface tablets we got because you only get one full-size USB port, no USB Type-C ports, and one MicroSD card slot. No other ports (besides a DisplayPort, which I would rather have as HDMI).

Fear naught


This looks cool. But I’m really looking for something x86 that could run a couple of Virtual Machines when needed.

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Yeah that’s the part that kills me, I can live with ARM on a phone but it’s rough on a PC depending on what you’re using it for.

There’s ways to virtualize it on ARM but it ain’t pretty. :stuck_out_tongue: