The Teracube phone

Hi there,

I recently listened to the episode where they talk about the Fairphone, and all the reasons it is a good device, and do not get me wrong, I agree, it is very nice.

But it is not available in my country, only in EU and it is priced at €399 (model 3) and €579 (model 4), which, for latin american countries, it is a steep bump in the road.

So how about the Teracube phone, the website claims it is made of recyclable plastic, has a replaceable battery, dual sim card, has an option to ship running /e/ OS or iode OS, ships free in the US, Canada, UK and EU, and it is priced at 229,00€. I mean, it is not a beauty contestant, but it is almost halve the price.

I am not saying it is not fair (<-- pun), but I think it deserves some attention.

It is out of stock now, but that is my personal favorite so far,

As usual, I mean no offence.



Never heard of this.

  • Removable battery
  • SD card expandable memory
  • 4G LTE
  • Dual Sim
  • Headphone Jack
  • USB-C
  • Forum uses Discourse

However, no 3rd party ROMs rules that out for me. But definitely keeping this on the radar, thanks for sharing.

Definitely looks like a very solid option! Lots to like in there.

I think they’re referring to carrier. Also, I’m not a dev, so even if the bootloader is unlocked, I wouldn’t be able to make/port some other ROM to it. But I couldn’t find what ROM it has, I assumed stock Android. If there was a Lineage ROM for it, I’d be lining up to get one.

It comes with Android 10. And that’s the issue with Android. It should be upgradable to 12? Maybe?

Custom Roms could make it really viable, but there’s got to be enough interest for it.

That’s carrier unlocked, not the boot loader.

Bootloader might be unlocked, but there still has to be a ROM for the chipset.

I’m liking this. Thank you for bringing this to our attention!

Funny, it looks like my Nokia 2.2 or any Nokia after that with the same specs and same replaceable battery. One of the reasons I bought it is because it came with stock Android and the replaceable battery.

Definitely going to bookmark the /e/ page and will likely buy that when it’s available. I’ve been putting off a new phone for too long.