The original Descent and Descent 2

Hands down, the best games from the 90s was Descent. The first 3D, 360° shooter. This game forced me to buy one of those fancy joysticks that would allow me to really become one with my environment. When Descent 3 came about in 1999, my computer of the time was barely able to play it. I purchased the Linux build of Descent 3 which was my first Linux game I purchased and I still enjoy it today from time to time as it is still a blast to play.

Descent 1 and 2 have been open sourced and you are able to get updated and upgraded graphics which only make the Descent experience that much better.

For more info:

OR for those running openSUSE

Truly, a great game!


I may have to check that out!

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I used to be all over those games. I even did multiplayer via dial-up with my buds back in the day! I can heartily recommend dxx-rebirth 100%! I use it on arch and it makes Descent a blast to play today, just like Doom source ports do the same for that.

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Retro games have started interesting me especially since I haven’t gotten a GPU yet, but next month I am buying an RX 560 :slight_smile: Kings Quest Entire Collection can be purchased on Steam for less than $4 on Here

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I cannot begin to tell you the thousands of hours I spent playing Descent. But, to put a time frame on it, I first played it on a coax network ( 10baseT ). I was lucky enough to have a Thrustmaster joystick back then.

Loved that game.


I’m looking forward to giving this one a try. I have not tried many Linux native games and I need to.

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