The Next PinePhone Has Been Revealed: Manjaro!

Originally published at: The Next PinePhone Has Been Revealed: Manjaro! - Front Page Linux

The makers of Linux-first hardware, PINE64, have certainly been busy over the last month. From working on elementary OS 6 support to new products in the Pinecil and PineCube, everyone’s favorite ARM-based device company doesn’t appear to be slowing down any time soon (just check out their August 2020 update to see!). However, they have…

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I’ve been reading about this. The previous model, from what i’ve read, wasn’t ready to be used as a daily driver. You think this one would? If so, i wouldn’t mind ordering one.
From what i’ve read in the article, it seems good to go for daily use.
The store’s down, and it’s due to some vulnerability they discovered.