The New Computer Chronicles?

You all produce good stuff there, but at times I get a little tired of just talking heads.

I really enjoyed that show The Computer Chronicles because it was in a studio with not only guests, but they would bring in sample products. Also they would go on the ground to report, and do interviews.

Here is a couple of my favorite episodes:

With an onsite visit to Los Alamos National Laboratory, and NASA Ames Research Center

Onsite visits, and interviews with many professionals

Maybe we can all get together on how we could bring back that old favorite show The Computer Chronicles?

Would be great to revisit many of these old episodes and update them.

Oh… the original tune is available for licensing also:

“Byte by Byte”

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You can find many of those episodes at here. I believe I have single episode saved as .mkv Computer Chronicles : Free Movies : Free Download, Borrow and Streaming : Internet Archive

I am saying, redo the show, not look for a place to watch the, I already provided a link to at least two episodes at Internet Archive

Understood, but you can only revisit nostalgia for a short time. I feel that the magic of the show was the fact that this time-period was the pioneer days of computing. Now, a computer is in every home, in every hand as a phone or on a wrist. The magic is gone. It is now an appliance. The cool factor has long gone. Just my opinion of course, but I am 50 now and was a pioneer in the BBS days. So I lived most of it. There is an underground community of BBS on the internet still, Amiga and Commodore fans still, but underground, we are a dying breed.

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I realize computers have become more of an appliance, but there are still areas of high interest. That is why I posted the two episodes above.

The first one is Super Computers. I think that can still have a high interest in showing those now using them , and what they can do now days compared to way back then.

The Second episode is Computers and the Pentagon. I believe that would be of interest as there is a whole cable channel dedicated to military things.

There is another episode about Artificial Intelligence. The videos about robotics, and AI are always getting millions of views on YouTube.

Gotta evolve with the times. What other things about computers can pique people’s interest?

Even what’s his name was able to spin off a “New” Screen Savers show after the old one was canceled after TechTV ended.

It is a shame that the main person who was at the root of the show took his life. Leo Leporte and his is going strong as an online network, I think moving the show online is the way to go. TV is a dying medium in its traditional sense. Hell, I haven’t watched TV other than sports or HGTV in over a decade now.

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I stopped watching Twit a couple of years ago. They started getting real political, and just parroting untrue things they saw reported the MSM. Even that “priest” they had on there was very political. Seemed more concerned with politics of like minded people of the Bay Area than saving souls.

I did tune in for a little while last year for a few minutes. Leo was complaining about advertisers jumping ship, and I guess he was having to lay some people off. He was also saying how what an issue he was having to prove to advertisers how many viewers he had.

But yeah , TV is dying. Even Discovery Channel finally went online with Discovery+. That is mostly what I watch when I did watch TV. I even canceled “SlingTV” with their s-called “A la cart” selections because I did not want to support other channels which I was opposed to supporting, and would never watch again.

Ah twit and leo. I followed that for a long time too, untill i got enough of hearing how leo uses this, or does that too all the time. I know it’s a commercial show with sponsors and everything, but still… It got boring so i moved on.
On the topic of doing a show online (not tv) that would be cool. I think there are still, lots of area’s the main stream user isn’t aware of and he/she could, maybe, who knows, learn a thing or two.
Maybe where tech and privacy meet irl, or where tech and saving lives come together. And so on. Just a thought.

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I recall a couple of their hosts went to some Microsoft event, and you would think they would do interviews, B rolls of the event, or something. Instead it was just more talking heads talking about the event on site.

There is still a lot of subject matter on computing to consider. Even Linux Tech Tips has been doing some on the ground reporting. It turns out there is a Quantum Computer Manufacturer near their office. They went on site and did a shoot on that with great success. However, I felt it did not go far enough. It was just a basic show and tell.

I think covering basics with the novice people, and go into more technical details for professions.

One of the issues would be costs. Traveling and hotel expenses are not cheap. Maybe find volunteers who live close enough to travel to locations of interest who can do those interviews.