The Destination Linux Network has officially launched!

First of all, welcome to the Destination Linux Network Discourse forum!

DLN is a community hub and media network designed to bring passionate creators together with their communities to spread our love of open-source, technology, and Linux.

DLN has officially launched as of Sunday September 15th, 2019. We’re so excited to invite you to be among the first to explore and participate in the community.

Things To Do:

You can also customize this Forum quite a bit and one of the big things is that you can customize the entire theme of the forum. If you prefer a Dark Theme you can easily switch to a Dark Mode in your profile/interface settings. Here is a video demonstrating how to do so.

Did you miss the announcement?


I’m happy for you guys and happy for the future of Linux. I’m most excited about this forum. I’ve been trying to follow on Telegram, but a single thread is difficult for me to consume and contribute.

I’m a patron and appreciate the approach you guys are taking to giving back.


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